We help owners to grow sales and build sales teams.

If you are here then you have business growth goals and dreams that require either that you sell or that you build a strong  sales team.  We are here to help.  

Hiring salespeople is difficult and so is coaching and motivating them.  It can be very uncomfortable to role play with your salespeople or to train them or hold them accountable if you haven't had a long and successful career in sales.  If you are like most business owners it is also hard to just make the time to work with your salespeople.

My name is Wayne Herring and I spent years coaching and leading Sales managers and now I want to share what I learned with you.  It is my belief that every salesperson deserves an intentional effort from you to support their success.  In addition, I know that if you lead and manage your salespeople using our systems, you can get the leadership work done in a reasonable amount of time and you can get phenomenal results.

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We Have Partnered with Objective Management Group to Help you Understand Salespeople

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About Wayne and his Sales Leadership Journey

I started my sales career accidentally in the mountains of Colorado for a very forward-thinking drilling and blasting and earth retention design-build contractor. I went to work as an engineer but ended up learning how to sell $50,000 - $500,000 specialty construction projects.  By being thrown into the fire I also learned how to manage people, how to manage sub-contractors and more.   At Yenter Companies I specialized in high-end construction and remediation projects in Aspen and Vail. 

Successful completion of a project required understanding the client's unique needs, understanding their budget and then providing a solution that worked for the client.  

Preferred Warranties (PWI) is where I was bumped and bruised and where I grew and learned about Sales Force Leadership. PWI was the testing lab for the growth techniques that I now implement with our clients.

At PWI I led a direct sales force that grew from approximately 20 sales consultants in 14 states to 35 sales consultants in 21 states during the time that I was VP of sales. My team of 6 Regional Sales managers led their teams by holding their people accountable, by focusing intently on sales process management, and by providing frequent coaching and feedback. 

During my tenure at PWI we implemented: account segmentation; sales consultant score-boarding and reward systems; Customer Relationship Management; a sales on-boarding and continuous training process; a mentoring program; a multi-interview and assessment recruiting system; and pipeline management. As the market changed I was able to promote my Sales Assistant to the Director of Inside Sales and we built the foundation for what is now a highly effective Inside Sales Team. It was my great pleasure to see sales consultants smash company records and to help mentor and coach Sales Managers to achieve great results through their teams.

While I was at PWI we weathered the deepest recession and down turn in the auto business in stride and ultimately grew market share at an explosive rate when we burst out of the downturn. Several of our competitors disappeared during the downturn while others bogged down in the mire of negative attitudes and fear. Together, my sales managers and I helped keep morale up and our sales team "kept their feet moving" and always made one more call before going home for the evening. 

PWI took on a Private Equity Firm partner who held the majority of PWI ownership in 2006. In 2012 we successfully sold PWI to a Publicly traded company who will no doubt now take PWI across the United States. We built a scalable platform that was based on systems rather than individuals.