do you need strong salespeople to achieve your business vision?

Learn to hire and develop stronger salespeople who will sell more.  

Sales Strength recipe

Start with a Sales Process and System

It would be nice if you could just hire superstar salespeople and then "send them out there to do their job". doesn't work that way.  Very few salespeople are elite and even the elite need a process or system and they need to be challenged and motivated and coached.  You need to sell so that you can define your company's and product's sales process.  Too many companies hire first and then after many failures they decide to develop a process.  Sales process first please!

Add Strong Salespeople

 First of all, hiring for any position in your company is very hard.  BUT...sales hiring is like no other hiring.  You need to know who and what to look for and generally salespeople that you interview will include some smooth talkers who are likable.  But - "likability" does not equal sales success.  There is a strong salesperson makeup that you need to learn about and you need to interview a lot of salespeople to learn how to hire them.  There is a proven process that you can follow called "STAR" that will give you the questions and scoresheets to dramatically increase your odds of success and sales growth.

Strategically invest time and energy

You are probably wearing many hats and you probably have little time for sales leadership...well, if salespeople are important to your business dreams - you need to wisely and strategically invest time.  You can get outside training help, but ultimately you need to be accountable for sales leadership.

Only 7% of Salespeople are "Naturals"

Strong Salespeople...

Sales Strength is hard to determine in an interview.  We break Sales strengh into 4 pieces as seen in this graphic.  When you know these things about your current salespeople - you can then focus your coaching efforts on what matters.  When you know these things about candidates - then you know what questions to ask during an interview and you know who to hire.

Just know - it will be very hard... almost impossible... to hire sales winners who you can just send out there to do this job.  Leading salespeople is hard work and takes time and you need to take the time to improve your sales management skills.

If having a successful sales team is critical to your business growth goals, then we urge you to check out our site and resources more thoroughly.  Take advantage of the video training, worksheets, quizzes, whitepapers, etc.


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